Snow removal Toronto
Snow removal Toronto


Griffin Landscaping
We employ highly trained professionals to satisfy your lawn and maintenance needs. Our staff are skilled in horticulture, healthy mowing practices, pruning, planting and gardening, fertilization and site clean ups. Our maintenance managers average over ten years of experience in the landscape industry. More important than our knowledge or experience is the fact that our employees will treat your lawn or landscape as if it were their own.

We pride ourselves on being the most progressive and innovative lawn care company in Ontario. Our daily goal is to fulfill the needs of the customer by providing timely, quality services and products. The ultimate objective at Griffin Landscaping is to operate the most successful landscape company in the Southern Ontario market by meeting the needs of its customers and employees, while promoting professionalism in the maintenance industry.

We are committed to servicing all of our clients with superior quality and attention to detail. Our customer service is second to none.

Snow removal Toronto
  • residential lawn mowing
  • commercial lawn mowing
  • spring and fall clean ups
  • aeration
  • fertilizer
  • tree and shrub pruning / planting / removal
  • soil delivery / installation
  • mulch delivery / installation
  • garden cultivation
  • sod
  • top-dress and over seed
  • swimming pool maintenance / opening and closing
Snow removal Toronto